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Ultimate Kitchen Equipment List You Must Own for your New Restaurant Business

Your requirement for the commercial kitchen equipment depends on the food items that have to be prepared in your restaurant. Here is a complete list to get your restaurant kitchen started.
Refrigerator and freezer
Probably the most crucial restaurant kitchen equipment that you need for your kitchen is the refrigeration unit. It is an integral part of restaurant kitchen supplies. Your Eatery refrigeration comes in the range of small coolers to large walk-in fridges and freezers. Determining the right size of the unit will depend upon the nature of the restaurant. Pick the right commercial refrigerator is vital for the highest kitchen efficiency, both in energy-saving and convenience of food preparation. For instance, an eatery that uses frozen food items on a large scale must use a walk-in freezer as it has maximum space and is easily operatable. With a perfect refrigerator in place, you can easily store all the perishable foods to avoid any shortage. A premium-quality refrigerator made by Verma Frost will preserve your food’s quality and stop it from getting worse quickly.Slicers
After a Refrigerator, another essential restaurant kitchen appliance for your kitchen is a Slicer. It is used to slice meat and other food items efficiently. Another advantage of buying a slicer machine is that it will ensure uniformity and steadiness.Mixers
The mixers are requisite to any establishment, essentially if your restaurant business sells bread or baked items.Ovens 
Every establishment has different requirements, and choosing an oven as per your cooking need is very important. Your commercial oven can be used for re-heating a simple soup or for cooking different dishes The significant advantage of commercial ovens is that even an amateur can operate them perfectly. They are simple to clean and maintain.

If your eatery has a bakery or involves baked food on the menu, a convection oven must be on the top of your shopping list. Chefs usually recommend buying only a new range as the stove’s filament gets worn out after repetitive use. This will reduce the overall efficiency of the appliance.

Cooking Range
Any commercial range in a restaurant is subject to performing a wide variety of purposes. A commercial range is a cooking tool that incorporates separate cooking space for gas, electricity, or induction, letting you prepare several dishes in a single kitchen.

The cooking ranges for any establishment must be bought brand-new as the iron gets worn out because of multiple uses. So, purchasing a second-hand cooking range is not recommended.

A sink is essential to any kitchen as they provide fresh water for washing food and dishes. It is an integral part of your pantry and meets cooking safety goals because it guarantees maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in your kitchen.

Fire extinguishers
As per the National Fire Protection Association, 57 percent of all eatery fires happen because of cooking equipment.

A commercial kitchen is always prone to fires that can go out of control. Suppression arrangements are of many different size alternatives, which are usually fitted into the current design of a kitchen. Owning a fire extinguisher is vital for the safety of your establishment, your workers, and your consumers.

Suitable shelving is necessary for food storage- perishable and non-perishable food. Your kitchen processes can be done smoothly once you have an established storage system in the area. The shelves and racks at Verma Frost are in various sizes and metals as per your storage needs.
Your shelves must be budget-friendly and offer a practical storage solution.

Pantry Cooking Utensils
Any establishment pantry requires a handy range of utensils for various purposes in the kitchen, such as preparation, baking, cooking, etc. The large commercial kitchen equipment is readily available at the suppliers, and you could also buy second-hand if your budget is low.

Food Storage, Aluminum Foil, Containers, Towels Sponges, Dish Rack, Ice Cube Tray, Heavy Sponges, Trash Bags, Trash Bin, etc

Yes, we know that initially investing in the restaurant kitchen equipment will be costly, but we promise it will be an excellent investment! Verma Frost is one of the leading cooking equipment manufacturers in Chandigarh in the country. You will find everything that your eatery needs here with a free consultation. Call us TODAY!

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