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Display counter manufacturers near me

How to choose the perfect display counter for my shop?

Are you planning to start a food business? Have you bought all the necessary equipment?

Make sure to add a display counter at the top of your list. A food display counter is an essential part of any food outlet. Attractively showcasing the food products is very important for your business. From food storage to adding aesthetics to your shop, a food counter- food marketing industry is literally based upon these display counters. There are various types of display counters in the market. But make sure to maintain these counters properly to attain maximum efficiency.

What are the Types of refrigeration used in the eateries?

These refrigerated display counters generally use two kinds of refrigeration, i.e., forced air or gravity coil. The sort of counter you will choose will depend mainly on the kind of food you will store.

Forced air:

This type of display counter system works only on the fans. These fans help in the circulation of the cold air throughout the counter that ensures proper freshness in the food items. These counters are used generally to store bakery products or prepackaged items. This type of system could dry the food items. The food items must not be stored for too long in these cabinets. They are also called Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases.

Gravity coil:

In the gravity coil system, the refrigeration coils are at the top of the cabinet. It lets the cool air flow at lower levels of the food. This type is best suited for storing and displaying items such as raw meat, deli products, seafood, and salads. Moreover, they do not cause any drying effect on the food items. They are cheaper than the counters having forced air appliance technology.

What should you consider while buying a Display Counter?

The first step is to decide what kind of food products you will store on the counter. This is the most crucial step!

Once this is decided, a lot of other features have to be decided as well. All of the features must be decided before the purchase to save both time and money. Practically, the functionality of the counter is primarily dependent on the features it has to offer.

  1. Dimensions of the display counters:

The size of the counter is a vital consideration. A more important aspect is to consider the size of the appliance with respect to the floor space of your store. You have to consider the space to place a large display counter and also consider the food products you are going to store are perishable. You may get a large display counter but do not have the same amount of consumption – this may lead to wastage of food as these products will go bad if left for display for a long time. Such a situation will be a complete wastage of resources and money.

Opt for the size that is best suited for your store. These specifications can be checked carefully on the specification sheet before buying the counters. It is important as it tells you the requirements of intake and about the exhaust air.

  1. Shelves on the display counter:

The visibleness through a display counter is maximized if they have a tiered shelving system. The visibility of the products is directly proportional to the sales and hence, the profits. In addition, these shelves help in giving a real-time effect to the customers and tempt them to buy your food items.

Some display counters come with glass shelves. It allows the light to spread throughout inside the counter display. Thus, they efficiently display the food products. And, how can you say no to floating food!

  1. Style:

You can buy the counters that have the curved glass front display or flat front glass. It depends on your personal preference.

  1.   Lightning:

This is also an important aspect as good lighting will add to the shops’ ambiance and help you save energy.

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