Tips by Chest Freezers Manufacturer to Choose commercial chest freezers for restaurant kitchens in 2022


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How to choose commercial chest freezers for restaurant kitchens in 2022? Tips by Chest Freezers Manufacturer

One of the first things, when you are venturing into the food industry, is to have an excellent commercial or restaurant chest freezer. It helps you comply with the food, health, and safety measures to limit the growth of toxic bacteria and a requirement to keep your food items fresh.

Looking for the right restaurant chest freezer from the best Chest Freezers Manufacturer can be tough! But, not anymore.

Getting the right restaurant chest freezer can help improve food quality and ensure constant food temperatures. Compared to a freezer in your house, those found in business setups are often used, with many openings and shutting. So, the chest freezers manufacturer makes sure you save on energy costs.


Commercial Chest Freezers by Chest Freezers Manufacturer


Buying commercial or restaurant chest freezer equipment is not a simple task with a wide range of factors and options to consider; the chest freezers manufacturer in Punjab has put up in the market. But if you narrow down your choices to commercial glass door freezers, your decisions become more distinct. These freezers are energy efficient and an excellent way to showcase your refrigerated food stock.

There are different kinds of glass door freezers depending on the area of utilization: residential or commercial. A restaurant chest freezer is typically large and deep to hold a lot of items. Just as great as having a solid and effective compressor and a cooling mechanism that can keep a suitably cool environment despite constantly opening the doors. The kind of door mechanism is also an essential factor when buying a commercial freezer.


Finding The Right Commercial Freezer


It’s necessary to find the right freezer to endure intense summer temperatures and give your customers excellent and refreshing beverages while preserving your ingredients fresh for longer. Here are some do’s and don’ts when buying a commercial freezer from a chest freezers manufacturer:



• Analyse different technological innovations for commercial or restaurant chest freezer to get the maximum output of your investment. Energy Star ratings and industry codes are crucial. Start your web research.

• Discover the one that uses power intelligently for optimal energy performance and minimum power price. Ideally, it should be desirable to configure the cooling temperature to accommodate your storage requirements.

• Name and list your specifications for the freezer according to the size and range of items you want to stock, things that need freezing versus cold storage, the amount of pre-cooked versus uncooked menu things, and the number of meals served daily, weekly, or regularly.

• Plan how components transfer within refrigeration and service or within refrigeration and the kitchen staff and how they will be back to the freezer.

• Define the measure of space in your corporation to keep your freezer in a spot where objects are easy to locate and accessible.

• Analyse customer requests. In some instances, it is sufficient to buy a smaller unit and re-stock it more often than buying a big unit where pieces stay for a long time under refrigeration.

• Pick up a fridge style — single/double/triple door — to guarantee easy access to the details.

• Estimate the storage capacity, door function of the freezer, and chilling potential before purchasing.

• Evaluate the air compressor’s power and decide if you can give optimal running circumstances and proper maintenance for durability.

• Pick a reliable freezer brand and compare the warranty and service records to reduce downtime in the case of a malfunction.

Your freezer must keep its contents fresh and preserved from all sorts of harm.



• Pick a freezer by measuring its capacity based only on its outer dimensions. It is the internal dimensions that can provide you with the exact capacity of the freezer. Do proper estimates of the needed storage space. Buying too little or too much area will be costly, both in terms of energy consumptions or experience from regular stock-outs for items with a long lead time.

• Pick all bells and whistles carelessly. Many commercial freezers have an automatic defrost technology that helps cleanse the frosting on the coils, improving its performance and stability. While defrosting is significant, it is not necessary to do it automatically. You can defrost manually to lessen electricity expenses and still maintain efficiency.

• Weigh price over-usage. Usually, chest — horizontal—freezers are more affordable than upright freezers, but they might not be the most efficient. Space is limited in most eateries, so upright freezers will provide you with the most storage space. Upright freezers are also more power-efficient when not full, but chest freezers can be costly to run with low food stock. Chest freezers are adaptable for storing large or bulky food articles, whereas upright freezers are ideal for storing articles in smaller packets.


What Are the Advantages of Buying a Chest Freezer?


The points below by Chest Freezers Manufacturer will prove how a chest freezer may make a notable difference in getting advantages.

1. Energy-Saving

There is a considerable variety of restaurant chest freezer in the market. The restaurant chest freezer has a built-in sidewall protector to retain their frigid temperatures for a lengthier period and utilise the most negligible energy in operation. Most significantly, if you encounter power outages or are moving to another place, an unplugged chest freezer can store your products at the right temperature for nearly three days as long as the lid is shut. The reason for this sort of distinction could be judged from the energy efficiency rating of such chest freezers and growing functional aspects that make life more manageable for buyers.

2. Increase Sales

A regular cooking appliance is usually minimal for a restaurant and will likely not satisfy the requirement. Insufficient commercial equipment can have similar effects — a product that doesn’t function correctly can wreak havoc on inventory, reduce daily output, and end sales. A chest freezer is the essential equipment of every café or restaurant setup. It enables businesses to store their food articles for an extended time without any change in taste.

In addition to being visually appealing, chest freezers should be multi-functional. How can you imagine big sales if you install lousy commercial refrigeration equipment? Thus, large stores and even wholesalers employ chest freezers to keep thousands of pounds worth of stock fresh. Commercial refrigeration equipment is especially essential for some people, particularly for retailers and supermarket workers.

3. Lots of Storage Space

A chest freezer is challenging to compete with as per space utilisation as it can store multiple food and other products without any question. There are two kinds of commercial freezers, each with its own advantages: chest freezers and upright freezers. Both types have their benefits and drawbacks, requiring careful consideration while choosing a suitable freezer for the unit.

4. Impeccable Health Standards

Moreover, commercial kitchens must stick to several health and safety practices, such as storing food at the right temperature, storing raw and processed meals separately, and guaranteeing no cross-contamination.

5. Classy Style

When it comes to the utility of chest freezers by the kitchen equipment manufacturers in Chandigarh, at least one wore-basket is added for easy organisation of food items. You can separate various sorts of food components using cardboard boxes. On the other hand, chest freezers require bending and transferring frozen food items when desired. But, Verma frost chest freezer models in the market comprise an external bottom drawer accessible from the freezer. 

Getting a commercial or restaurant chest freezer is a vital investment for your restaurant. So, take the liberty of time to do everything correctly the first time, consider all features and ask for professional help from us. Verma Frost is a leading chest freezers manufacturer in Punjab who can help you with all your queries related to freezers. We will help you select the best products, Call us now!

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