Difference between hood and chimney (Which is better?)


Difference between hood & chimney

Difference between hood and chimney (Which is better?)

The next issue that may be plaguing you if you have already decided to install a kitchen chimney is what chimney design to pick for your kitchen. Choosing between a stainless steel chimney Hood and a straight one. In our post below, we will go over a few elements that influence people’s preferences for certain types. Let’s first examine the two categories and how a stainless steel chimney hood differs from a straight line chimney.

Hood Chimney

A kitchen chimney hood is, as the name implies, one that has a canopy or chimney hood attached. A chimney hood is nothing more than a cover that protects the chimney head. Additionally, it improves the appearance of your kitchen chimney.

It is a more modern style of chimney that comes in a variety of designs, from hanging island chimneys to wall-mounted chimneys. Compared to straight line chimneys, these are made to carry out all of your chimney functions more efficiently. These have a functional advantage as well as aesthetic benefits because they come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes.

It  is also made mostly of stainless steel, toughened glass, etc., which increases its durability and longevity. These do not, however, come without a few drawbacks of their own. These can be more expensive than a straight line chimney because they are higher on the price scale. Additionally, installing a hood chimney takes up more room, so compact kitchens might not be a good fit.


  • More efficient performance
  • More durable
  • Enhances kitchen interiors



  • Expensive
  • Installation will require more room.


A Straight Line Chimney: What Is It?

A straight line chimney is one that has a straight design and does not include a chimney hood. If you want to maximize your available space and hide your kitchen chimney from view. The greatest option in the situation is a straight-line chimney. These are more typical designs that place more emphasis on functionality than on appearance.

Without spending a lot of money, a straight line chimney may complete all of your chimney’s tasks, such as removing grease and odors and circulating the air. Straight line chimneys now come with modern features like bi-rotational technology, intelligent controls & safety precautions that improve the function of the chimney. These have fewer design options, though, so they might not work with your kitchen’s decor.

Overall, straight line chimneys are the best option if you want a simple chimney with good cleaning performance.


  • less costly
  • appropriate for tiny kitchens



  • fewer design options


Buying a Hood or a Straight Line Chimney: Things to Consider

Now that we are aware of what hood chimneys and straight line chimneys are, we can learn about certain variables that need to be taken into account before choosing one of the two options for commercial kitchen chimneys.

Kitchen Room

The size of your kitchen might be a deciding factor when picking between a hood chimney and a straight line chimney. Since a straight line chimney won’t take up as much room in your kitchen as a hood chimney would, we advise choosing one for a smaller kitchen. A hood chimney, however, serves a superior purpose in larger rooms because it takes up more room and covers more ground.

Kitchen Interiors

Your kitchen’s interior design is another important consideration when deciding between a hood and a straight line chimney. A chic hood chimney can substantially improve the aesthetics of a kitchen in today’s society where people place a lot of emphasis on kitchen design. A hood chimney is therefore your best option if your goal is to improve the appearance of your kitchen. It offers you more design, colour, finish, and other options than a straight-line chimney might.


Your budget is crucial when purchasing any technological device. If money is the only issue, we advise choosing a straight line chimney. These chimneys typically cost between 5,000 and 15,000 rupees. A good hood chimney, however, can run you anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 rupees. While you may save money without sacrificing performance by purchasing a superb straight line chimney for less than 15,000 rupees .


  • Straight Line Chimney chimneys are those that are straight. These chimneys are ideal for property owners who don’t want to draw attention to the fact that they have a chimney in their kitchen. This chimney’s hoods are set up so that they make efficient use of the available area. The absence of the hoods gives the kitchen a fashionable appearance.
  • Hood chimneys come in distinctive styles with a modern appearance. Under cabinet hoods, wall chimney hoods, island hoods, integrated hoods, ductless hoods, and downdraft hoods are among the hood types that are offered.
  • Looking for a better chimney for the kitchen near me? Stainless Steel chimney Hood is better for you. According to your modular kitchen design, it has a variety of designs, types, and styles that may fit everywhere.



Filters come in two varieties: cassette filters and baffle filters. Contrary to cassettes, baffle filters are more durable. They offer more effective airflow than cassette filters. In this comparison, baffle filters will be used instead of cassette filters because they are less popular. Baffle filters are included with straight chimneys. It also comes with carbon filters for recirculation. The filter for the stainless steel chimney Hood is installed inside the hood. Hood Chimney has a baffle filter.


The volume and length of time the chimney needs to ventilate the air in the kitchen are used to determine the chimney’s performance. In addition, the amount of heat buildup and kitchen area are factors.

A hood chimney operates more effectively than a straight-line chimney. It quickly ventilates the air, thanks to stainless steel chimney Hood blowers. Additionally, it has a strong suction power.


The Indian cooking approach can be used with either a hood chimney or a straight chimney. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can select any of the two varieties. To make a better informed decision, it’s also crucial to consider the brand and its track record of success.

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