Benefits of commercial Tandoor for your restaurant in 2022 - Verma Frost


Benefits of commercial Tandoor for your restaurant - Verma Frost

Benefits of commercial Tandoor for your restaurant in 2022

In India and Pakistan, tandoori cuisine was traditionally associated with Punjab because Punjabis embraced the Tandoor locally and made it famous after the 1947 partition when Punjabi Sikhs and Hindus moved to locations such as Delhi. In rural Punjab, communal tandoors were prevalent. Some communities still have common tandoors, which were a familiar sight before the partition of India in 1947.


Traditional tandoori ovens, which burn charcoal or wood at the bottom of the Tandoor, produce heat. Skewered meals – mostly chicken and lamb kebabs and vegetables – are vertically positioned in the Tandoor and roasted with live fire and ambient heat up to 1000°F. Baking loaves of bread in a tandoor is extremely popular; the dough is applied directly to the interior clay/ceramic pot.




  • 28″ x 28″ x 37″ x 210kg″ (Width x Depth x Height x Weight)
  • 30″ x 30″ x 37″ x 250kg″ (Width x Depth x Height x Weight)
  • 32″ x 32″ x 37″ x 37″ x 285kg (Width x Depth x Height x Weight)
  • 34″ x 34″ x 37″ x 37″ x 295kg (Width x Depth x Height x Weight)
  • 36″ x 36″ x 37″ x 37″ x 340kg (Width x Depth x Height x Weight)


The height includes wheels


Before telling you about cooking in a tandoor in general, I would like to share with you that Vermafrost is a  commercial tandoor manufacturer and cooking equipment manufacturer in Chandigarh, India.


Benefits of  Cooking in a Tandoor Oven:


Aside from being delicious, tandoori cooking has several advantages. Below are ten reasons why you should try tandoori food right now!

  1. It Does Not Use Oil: Oil isn’t used in foods cooked in a tandoor. Tandoori chicken or beef are good alternatives if you’re searching for something that hasn’t been deep-fried.
  2. It Has A Unique Flavour Profile: The taste of food cooked in a tandoor oven is unrivaled. The reason for this is that the only way to achieve such a flavor is through a tandoor!
  3. Healthy Food Preparation Method: Tandoor cooking is a healthy way to cook since it does not use any chemicals or gas and has no emissions. The heating process retains all of the nutrients in the food. Even better, the taste of the meat will be locked into the meal.
  4. Low Maintenance: The Tandoor does not require much cleaning. The only thing the cook must do is replace the coals in the oven, which will be used again. There will be no need to clean the oven. The hooks that hold the meat in place and any other parts of the stove that may require regular cleaning are the only sections that should be cleaned. Meat and other items from the Tandoor were far more juicy and delicious than on a barbeque or grill.
  5. Tandoor Lasts Long: Tandoor is a multi-purpose item that serves as a culinary, decorative, and informative feature. It creates a delectable, adorned yard for guests to enjoy and provides a unique present.
  6. Tandoor-cooked dishes are delicious: They can rival a professional’s cooking. Also, it costs far less than professionally cooked food.
  7. Flavour Of The Original Ingredient Is Intact: It loses many of its characteristics when we fry food. However, the distinctive flavor is preserved when you cook it in a tandoor oven. Along with the crunch of the Tandoor, your tandoori meal’s unique flavor can be retained by using mushrooms, cheese, chicken, capsicum, and other vegetables or fish.
  8. No Loss Of Nutrients: Many do not realize that many nutrients are lost when we cook meals in our pots and, especially, fry them. The vegetables’ nutrients diminish significantly once they’ve been cooked in oil. When you try tandoori-style cooking, it also ensures all of your vegetable or meat’s minerals and vitamins; remain where they are, making it more healthy for you.
  9. Healthy & Easy Preparation: You may create your masala or marinade with the most beneficial spices low in salt. Many people are unaware that high salt can cause high blood pressure and it is a dangerous condition.
  10. Low In Calorie: Since there is no oil or fat in this dish, you eat extremely low-calorie food. The only calories included in the meal are those of the food prepared in a tandoor oven. There’s also no curry to trim calories away.


Verma Frost is India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of tandoor ovens. We are cooking equipment manufacturers in Chandigarh and commercial tandoor manufacturers. Our firm has achieved exceptional growth since its inception and has become a renowned name in Tandoor production. We are delighted to continue the traditions of our predecessors, who had been in the trade of Tandoor manufacturing for many years.




The Final Words:


You’ll find well-known meals from the west in eastern restaurants and the most popular dishes from the east in western eateries. Chicken tandoori is one such dish that is highly valued in India and enjoyed all over the world. Chicken tandoori has grown in popularity among international foodies. Thus restaurants in European nations have started including it on their menus. Although preparing this dish is not difficult, the delicious outcomes and fan following it have generated are well worth the effort.


However, following the recipe alone will not suffice. To make it work well, restaurants need to have suitable equipment as well. Most kitchens utilize their regular oven for cooking meals. However, high-quality eateries prioritize commercial tandoor ovens. Tandoor ovens are made specifically for cooking tandoori dishes in restaurants. These types of tandoor ovens may also be used to prepare a variety of other foods. Every restaurant owner who wishes to serve tandoori dishes must obtain a commercial tandoor. It’s also essential to acquire an authorized tandoor oven if you’re purchasing a business tandoor.


Verma Frost is the best commercial tandoor manufacturer in the country. We produce high-quality tandoors, which keeps them in high demand in many restaurants, hotels, and other industries. Our Tandoor is manufactured using modular techniques and abrasive resistance material in compliance with set industry standards. You can buy this industry-leading Tandoor from our website at an affordable price.

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