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6 Important factors to consider while purchasing a water cooler

Water is an essential element in our everyday lives. In fact, nutritionists suggest that we take at least eight glasses of fresh and purified water each day to stay fit. One method to develop a daily drinking habit is buying a water cooler that can give hot and cold water. A water cooler is the most common thing in a workspace or any other and public area. Thanks to its ubiquitous presence, water cooler manufacturers are coming out with various models and high-level features. While this gives more options for buyers, it can also make it challenging for consumers to determine which product to purchase. Here are six things to check so that you make the most of your investment.

  1. Storage and Cooling Range
    The market is full of water-cooler costs ranging from below twenty thousand rupees to over seventy thousand rupees. The cost depends on the innovations offered by the water cooler manufacturers in Punjab and product specs, like the storage space and cooling capability. Goods with high-end characteristics and more reliable specifications cost higher than the basic ones. The least you can get is a water cooler with a storage space of twenty liters and a cooling ability of twenty liters/hour, which will cost you around twenty thousand rupees.
  2. Cost of the Product
    Similarly, you can get UV and RO purifier water coolers with eighty liters capacity and forty liters/hour cooling potential for about seventy thousand rupees. You can find mid-range items that have more features than the basic ones. Water cooler costs must not be your only criteria for buying the coolers. Decide according to your budget, future usage per the cool water demands, and safety tolerances to grab the best long-term benefit from your investment.
  3. Specs for Precise and Effective Cooling
    Owing to technological progressions, water coolers now come with eco-friendly and energy-conservation features. Think about a product with CFC-free refrigeration that can help you to protect the environment. A stainless-steel water cooler is an outstanding choice if you need safe drinking water more many years. Pick a compact design so that the water cooler can be placed into one space, huge or tiny. Watch for value-added characteristics like adjustable legs to help the water cooler remain stable on uneven ground without external help.
  4. Energy Saving Features
    Choose a commodity with an excellent energy-efficient compressor that will help you save electricity without compromising the cooling efficiency. The quality of insulation also matters as it allows the water to remain cool when there is no power. Compare some unique features like in-situ PFU insulation to save energy as it helps keep the water cool for a lengthier time in case of a power failure.
  5. Child Lock
    A child lock is a crucial safety feature to look for, especially if you have kids around the area. It is essential in tabletops and freestanding models with water faucets that are easily reachable for small children. This type of cooler will restrict kids from starting its faucet and spilling water all around. This will save not only the precious cold water but also the troubles of wiping off the spilled water. In case you are dealing with a hot water dispensing unit, a child lock is something to consider as it will prevent your child from any mishap.
  6. Comfortable to Use and Easy Maintenance
    You must look at the space separating the water outlet and the drip tray. A good water cooler manufacturer will design the cooler to have ample space between the water outlet and drip tray to ensure you can fill water bottles, tall glasses, etc., efficiently. The end of the taps must also be of the right size and enough to fill a water bottle.

Choose an appliance that is effortless to maintain; most water coolers do not require fancy Maintenance services. Keeping them clean must be accessible, and models with a removable drip tray will give you a convenient option. Also, a cooler with poor-quality filters requires routine maintenance as you have to change filters regularly.

Other factors to remember are;

  • Outer assemble- an assembly with a stainless-steel body is more beneficial than a plastic water tank
  • Noise levels

And lastly, buy from a reputed water cooler manufacturers in Punjab with the proper knowledge and skills. Verma Frost offers top-quality commercial refrigeration products and around-the-clock customer service!

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