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Double burner commercial gas stove

5 Typical Stove Top Crisis and How to Fix Them Quickly

Whether you operate a degree or a built-in cooktop, the Double burner commercial gas stove is one of the most significant devices you hold, and when it begins giving you a problem, it’s difficult not to panic. Without a stovetop, how will your restaurant run smoothly??? A complete nightmare, Right?

The possibility of a damaged stovetop is anxiety-inducing, but we will tell you not to panic.

The Crisis: The gas burner won’t light.

The Key: A few items could go wrong if the flame doesn’t burn on your gas cooktops. First, state what transpires when you attempt to ignite the burner. Usually, you should listen to a clicking sound and be able to sense gas arriving out of the valves. If you hear the clicks but don’t sense anything, the issue is probably with the gas discharge. If you scent gas but don’t hear the clicking, the problem could fib with the ignition control.

Turn the device off, clear it, and pull the grate and burner cap. Scrub any unconsolidated meals waste and reconnect any loose wires. If that doesn’t crack it, you will likely require a unique igniter or work on your gas connection. Give us a ring, and we’ll be happy to assist you to discover replacement parts and arranging any significant restorations on your stovetops.

The Crisis: The gas burners are warming slowly.

The Key: Slow-heating cooktops can become a significant problem no matter what kind of cooktop you own. This problem could be because of the closed burner openings are clogged with debris if you have gas cooktops, fleeing the flames small and weak. This can be readily resolved by giving your whole stovetop a comprehensive clean.

Turn off and detach your cooktop, then release the grates and burner caps and offer them a suitable soak in the sink using a little soap and hot water. Clean the covers with a rigid brush. Pat down the cooktop’s exterior with a damp sponge and employ a toothpick to clear edibles or other waste from the gas valves. Vinegar and Baking soda can also assist your cleaning routine, giving you an extra significance.

The Crisis: Electric burners won’t heat.

The Key:

  1. Test all the others if one of your electric burners won’t warm adequately. If all your burners have crisis heating, it’s probably an electrical issue, and you’ll require to contact a professional or substitute your cooktops.
  2. If only one coil is warming improperly, review the link and ensure the coil itself is plugged into the cooktops firmly.
  3. Attempt switching out the broken coils with another one on your cooktop – if the new coil functions just good in the same place where the fractured coil was stuffed in, that indicates it’s time for a substitute coil.


The Crisis: The induction elements won’t work.

The Key: If you’re employing an induction cooktop that won’t heat up, be certain the pan you’re utilising is induction consistent. Induction operates by heating the pan directly, preferably the burner beneath, so you’ll require unique, ferromagnetic pans for your cooktops to work correctly.

The Crisis: The gas stovetop maintains clicking.

The Key: Some clicking is expected when you hit your gas stovetop, but if it persists long after the burner is lit or even stops the burner from lighting, it can become a genuine inconvenience. This issue usually occurs when something is blocking the burner. Review to make sure the burner cap hasn’t been hit out of business and that there’s no waste clogging the holes. If you don’t own a sealed-burner cooktop, meals can fast get stuck in the gas grates. They will require to be removed employing a paperclip or other tiny, metal thing (don’t operate anything readily delicate or explosive, such as a toothpick or a plastic fork). There could be extra water entrapped in the cooktops if the clicking persists. Try towelling off the stovetops or pointing fans at the cooking surfaces to soak up some of the excess moisture or grease that might have spilt.


With these tips in writing, your stovetop will be up and operating soon in no time. If your cooktop requires a significant fix – or it’s time for a device upgrade – be sure to contact the Verma Frost store to guarantee you get the most suitable repair service, substitute parts, and new appliances around, as we are one of the best commercial tandoor manufacturers out there!!

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